Soup Kitchen

Located at the Town Hall

Due to the current economy and the price of gas the Soup Kitchen is suspending operation. The Food Bank will be open on Fridays (12:00 to 2:00) only for Palmyra residents to pick up food.
We no longer have the resources to provide for residents from other towns.

Contact: Pastor Herb 207-416-8159

General Assistance

Cemetery and Genealogy


Vondell Dunphy
Ann Foss
Nat Foss

Veterans Memorial Paving Stones Available

Memorial paving stones for the Veteran's Monument (located in the park) can now be purchased for $140 per stone. Size is 16 x 8 with inscription up to six lines (15 characters per line).

Palmyra Historical Society

Solid Waste/Recycle

"Palmyra Residents With the up-tick in COVID 19 cases Sullivan's Waste Disposal is asking that the following requirements as stated in our contract for residential curbside pickup be strictly followed in order to protect their employees and comply with insurance requirements.

-ALL TRASH must be bagged and tied even if it is in a barrel or tote.

-NO BAG can weigh over 40 lbs. (If you have a container that holds 120 lbs. of trash you will need to put in 3-40 lb. bags)

-ALL CARDBOARD must be broken down and bundled. No loose cardboard will be taken.

-SYRINGES can be disposed of in a capped container, i.e. laundry bottle, coffee creamer bottle, etc...

-LARGE ITEMS such as mattresses or furniture will not be picked up, bring to White Goods. Please follow these guidelines to avoid employees having to handle possibly contaminated materials that may cause injury or over exertion by lifting heavy containers. The Town of Palmyra has a curbside trash pick up program. Trash is picked on every Thursday. Please have trash out by 6 a.m."

White goods

June 25, August 27, October 29 8:00 to 3:30 @ Town garage

Accepted Items

Plastic toys
Tire rims & Tires (4 per household)
Aluminum doors
Windows with metal trim
Hot water tank

Not Accepted Items

Recyclable material (may still be taken to the Pittsfield Transfer Station on lower Peltoma Avenue)
Demolition debris (sheet rock, lumber, cabinets, etc)
Bricks, cement, rocks, sand
Hazardous material
Household trash
Anything in trash bags
Propane tanks
Fluorescent bulbs

Marriage License

In Maine, you get your license at any town office. We have an "Intention of Marriage" form for you to fill out. When you sign this document, you are attesting that all of the information is accurate. There is no waiting period and no blood tests are required. The fee is $40.00. You will also need divorce papers (if divorced) or a death certificate (if widowed).

Vehicle Registration

To re-register a vehicle: registration, a current insurance card, current mileage. For a vehicle being registered for the first time: Dealer Sales: Title application (blue copy), dealers certificate (green copy), current insurance card, current mileage. Casual Sale: Title (if 1995 or newer), Bill of sale, current insurance card, current mileage You may now renew vehicle registration online.

Tax and Assessing

The real estate tax rate for 2021 is 17.75 mils, or $17.75 per every $1000 of valuation. 2021 Real Estate taxes were due September 28, 2021. Interest began on September 29th.

Tax Maps and Commitments

Dog License

Dog licenses are handled by the Town Clerk's Office. All dogs six months or older must be licensed by January 31st of each year. A late fee of $25 will be charged for licenses issued after January 31st. Proof of rabies vaccination and neuter/spay (if applicable) are required. New tags will be available October 15th for the new year.

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