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General Assistance Ordinance Update

GA 21-22 Update


Board of Appeals Ordinance
Planning Board Ordinance Rev. 03122022
Floodplain Ordinance
Junk Yard Ordinance
Marijuana Prohibition Ordinance
Parking Ordinance
Nonresidential Land Use Ordinance Rev. 03122022
Road Posting Ordinance
Road Standard Ordinance
Road Standards for Subdivisions Rev.03122022
Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Sludge Ordinance
Water Extraction Ordinance
Computer Use Policy
Subdivision Ordinance Rev. 03122022
Zoning Ordinance Rev. 03122022
Zoning Map
Entertainment License Application
Entertainment Ordinance

Land Use Applications and Information

Residential Land Use Permit Application Packet
Nonresidential Building Permit Applicaton Packet
Special Amusement Permit Application and Permit
Subdivision Application
Change of Non-Conforming Use Application
Nonresidential permits
Change of Nonconforming Use Permit
Land Use Permit
Nonresidential Permit
Sign Application and Permit
Subdivison Application Approval

* In any instance State guidlines are stricter than Palmyra's, the Town must follow the State.